[UPHPU] Object-Oriented Introduction

Jacob Wright jacwright at gmail.com
Mon Jun 13 07:41:07 MDT 2005

I'm writing five articles on object-oriented programming some of the guys at 
my work. They've been wanting to get into object-oriented programming more, 
but they don't really know how to work with objects. They've got the syntax 
down fine (making classes, methods, and functions), but it can be hard 
jumping into how you think about it.

I thought there might be some in the group who would be interested in 
reading these, so I'm just letting you all know. I'm doing one for each 
Monday, unless people wanted be to do them more often, and you can find them 
at http://www.jacwright.com/. The first one is just an introduction and 
isn't too meaty but hopefully helpful to get us thinking.


Jacob Wright

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