[UPHPU] great project meeting last night

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Fri Jun 10 10:34:00 MDT 2005

Today at 10:25am, Steve Dibb said:

> That might be tough throwing MS SQL Server in the mix.  I'm using PEAR::DB, 
> but have never looked at ADODB.  While the SQL syntax between Postgres, SQLite 
> and MySQL is almost entirely interchangable, mssql uses Transact-SQL which 
> might throw some weird errors your way.
> For instance, you don't do SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 5;  You'd have to use 
> SELECT TOP 5 * FROM table;  And sql server has no OFFSET either.
> Just something to keep in mind.  I'd ditch support for it completely.

That's great to know, Steve. I wouldn't mind ditching it, personally. We 
had already planned for a way to accomodate the difference with LIMIT, but 
if there will be many other such things, we don't want to mess with it I 

The fact that they can replace it with any number of free databases, even 
on windows, seems like supporting it is a non-issue. But if there are a 
siginificant number of windows users that would need support, I would like 
to at least try, but I'm not convinced there are enough that care.

Other thoughts on MSSQL support?


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