[UPHPU] great project meeting last night

Steve Dibb steve at wonkabar.org
Fri Jun 10 10:25:30 MDT 2005

Mac Newbold wrote:
> It was also decided that we will support for Linux/Unix servers 
> (including OS X) and Windows (as much as possible). We will support the 
> Apache web server. We will support, at a minimum, MySQL, SQLite, 
> PostgreSQL, and MS SQL Server, perhaps using PEAR::DB or ADODB, or with 
> our own very simple and light weight db abstraction layer. In order to 
> ensure support for the various operating systems and databases, we would 
> _love_ to have people who use them step forward as testers, developers, 
> or both, so that we can make sure we don't break our support for them. 
> We've already identified groups that will be using MySQL, PGSQL, and 
> probably SQLite, but we haven't yet gotten any Windows or MSSQL 
> volunteers. If you could do that, we'd appreciate your sacrifice on our 
> behalf. Let me know if you're interested or able.

That might be tough throwing MS SQL Server in the mix.  I'm using 
PEAR::DB, but have never looked at ADODB.  While the SQL syntax between 
Postgres, SQLite and MySQL is almost entirely interchangable, mssql uses 
Transact-SQL which might throw some weird errors your way.

For instance, you don't do SELECT * FROM table LIMIT 5;  You'd have to 
use SELECT TOP 5 * FROM table;  And sql server has no OFFSET either.

Just something to keep in mind.  I'd ditch support for it completely.


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