[UPHPU] Reminder: Group Project Meeting tonight

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Thu Jun 9 10:21:11 MDT 2005

Tonight at 7pm we'll be holding our next meeting about the group project. 
It will be held in the same place as last time, in SLC at 1440 South 
Foothill Drive, at the Code Greene office (above Blockbuster). Check 
mailing list archive from May 31, 2005 for more details, and call me at 
(801) 694-6334 if you get lost. Laptops are welcome, and there is wireless 
internet available.

Some things on the agenda tonight, not necessarily in this order:

- Project name ideas
- Discuss ways to publicize it and get other groups/people involved
- Discuss the basic parts of a PHP or PHP/SQL site
- Plan overview, list of sub-parts, rough ordering and prioritizing
- Discuss group development (for both company and open source groups)
- Enumerate probable positions for maintainers/sub-project leads
- Take nominations/volunteers to propose to the group for approval
- Discuss which aspects/sub-projects each person would like to be involved in
- Discuss anticipated Python port (dataw0lf) and other potential ports
- Discuss any feedback on logistical matters
- Start email campaign to get Wade to set up the group project mail list ;)

If you have something to add to the agenda, speak up. If you won't be able 
to make it tonight, but have something you want said about any of the 
above items, or other matters, please let me know, either on the list or 

If there is any way to do so today or tonight, we'd like to finalize (as 
much as possible) the maintainer staff of 2-3 people, so that there is 
someone in place to make important decisions that will guide our course.
I would propose that if we can get at least 15 people at the meeting (or 
to give their feedback ahead of time privately to me), that we should 
close nominations and have a vote on the spot.

Some people have discussed a way of having online meetings. It seems the 
de facto way to do that in this group would be using IRC, in the #uphpu 
channel on irc.freenode.net . If you're new to IRC, there are a multitude 
of clients available for all operating systems, which you can find through 
google, or by asking on the list. I know GAIM works on Windows and 
Linux/BSD (also does IM), and Colloquy comes highly recommended on OS X. 
Others prefer things like mIRC, BX, xchat, and so forth.

If people want to try it, we could have some of the meeting participants 
hang out in #uphpu during the meeting, sharing notes with those not 
present, and relaying their feedback. Of course, even an online meeting is 
not very useful if we can't nail down a time that works for people. It 
does solve the "place" problem though, for people who can't get to the 
meeting, but can be online during that time frame. Personally, I think 
that if we can get about 5 or more "virtual" participants, that it would 
be well worth it. Another bonus is that the IRC log becomes typed meeting 
notes as well, and are automatically available online by midnight. 
Thoughts anyone?

We hope to see many of you there!


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mac at macnewbold.com	http://www.macnewbold.com/

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