[UPHPU] Dual ID numbers

John David Anderson uphpu at mail.johndavidanderson.net
Tue Jun 7 10:59:24 MDT 2005

On Jun 7, 2005, at 10:37 AM, Ray Hunter wrote:

> you might want to have 3 tables:
> 1. composer table (auto-incremented composer_id)
> 2. cd relation table (cd_id)
> 3. composer_cd join table (incremented cd_id with composer_id)


1. Composer table (auto-inc. composer_id)
2. CD table (auto-inc. cd_id, with foreign key that points to  
composer_id, and optional CD# attribute)

This allows each CD and composer to have a unique identifier,  
allowing you to display a CD# however you want...

-- John

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