[UPHPU] Suggested PHP reading list (was: open source software and freedom)

Scott.Hill at flyingj.com Scott.Hill at flyingj.com
Tue Jun 7 10:17:24 MDT 2005

"Daniel C." <dcrookston at gmail.com> wrote on 06/07/2005 09:58:14 AM:

> Shakespeare and T.S. Elliot should both be required reading for all
> thinking adults.  Regarding computer books though, here's a few more
> that are good:
> The Art of Unix Programming, by ESR (I'm pretty sure I got it right
> this time...)
> The Art of Computer Programming, by Knuth.  (I'm still on Volume One.)
> Design Patterns, aka The Gang of Four.

Excellent choices!

> And by the way, The Virtue of Selfishness is only 151 pages.

And worth every penny!

Scott Hill

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