[UPHPU] Suggested PHP reading list (was: open source software and freedom)

Scott.Hill at flyingj.com Scott.Hill at flyingj.com
Tue Jun 7 10:16:08 MDT 2005

"Daniel C." <dcrookston at gmail.com> wrote on 06/07/2005 09:47:37 AM:

> I'm not sure whether you're trying to make a joke or if you're
> seriously trying to flame me.

I'm sorry about the delayed response.  I was tied up with my day job.  Dan,
please accept my humble apology if I offended you.  It was not my intention
nor will it ever be my intention to flame anyone.  It's against my
religion.  I could never criticize anyone's opinions or work.  It's just
that I get relaxed with this list and sometimes let my hair down (as it
were).  Again, I'm sorry for the offense.  I will be quiet now and get back
to my day job.

Scott Hill

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