[UPHPU] Framework Project

John David Anderson uphpu at mail.johndavidanderson.net
Mon Jun 6 17:28:05 MDT 2005

On Jun 6, 2005, at 3:35 PM, Jacob Wright wrote:

> I just joined UPHPU on Friday and sort of jumped in on the mailing  
> list. I
> don't know what the current status of the group project is, but I  
> was told
> that we want to create a framework. I have been working on a  
> framework for
> about three months and am really excited with how it is turning  
> out. I would
> love to have help with it and to know what other developers would do
> differently or add to it. Whether people want to do this as the group
> project or not is fine, but if anyone is interested, I would love some
> feedback on it.


I'd like to check it out too: this might be a really great way to  
serve each aim: those who wanted a group project for learning can  
still do that, while we might be able to take on Jacob's project (or  
one like) and start working on it.

Maybe we can learn from each other as we work in parallel.

And it's even in PHP 5..

-- John

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