[UPHPU] open source software and freedom

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Mon Jun 6 14:35:55 MDT 2005

Scott.Hill at flyingj.com wrote:
> Whatever!  Wades point is valid.  

depends on how you look at it. my overall point with the house example
is that the seller has no rights after the house is sold. whereas a
license does not relinquish those rights to the purchaser. :)

> The main reason that us programmer types have jobs in a viable labor 
> market is that there are lots of people willing
> to pay us to do it _their_ way instead of MicroSofts way or whoever.

this is always true in a competitive market place.

> I feel there is a place for open source if for nothing else than to break up
> an _illegal_ monopoly that a certain gigantic software company has.

also note there are legal monopolies that are regulated. however, i dont
think that open source software was developed with the intent to break
up illegal software monopolies...but resulted from the fact that we
cannot see "under the hood".

> Open source encourages competition.

competition for what...bragging rights?

> If the market ever gets to the point where everyone is willing to _rent_ 
> their software, we will all be out of jobs.

we are already there...that is a license agreement. if a new version
comes out you might get an upgrade for a smaller fee but the license
agreement will change too with the new version. Also take a look at many
online apps that you can access for a fee.

> Not to mention we will be a _slave_ to whatever software is available.

the world is already a slave to commercial software.

> I also agree that we don't give up anything but our money when we purchase
> commercial(non-opensource) software.  

you give up what ever is defined in the license agreement. For example,
some license require that you can only use their product on one machine
and not 2. So if i have a laptop and a desktop, i need 2 licenses. Some
licenses go as far as cpus...like oracle for example licenses by the cpu
of the machine. If i have 4 cpus it costs more than 1 cpu.

> We actually are creating a healthy economy for our industry.

i agree that any money put back into the economy is healthy.

> In a free enterprise economy, everyone supports
> everyone else by _purchasing_ their products.  Also, you always have to be
> on the lookout for fraudulent scammers who will try to sell you a license
> or product or anything and then take your money and give you nothing.


> However, if people are willing to purchase your product or license or
> whatever because they can see value in it, more power to them.


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