[UPHPU] open source software and freedom (was: Zend Studio)

Wade Preston Shearer lists at wadeshearer.com
Mon Jun 6 13:40:41 MDT 2005

> This is just twisting words around.  What I mean is that by  
> purchasing Non-Free software you give up your right to use "your  
> software" (in a collective sense) anyway you want.

Once again, I whole-heartily disagree. You cannot give up rights that  
you didn't already posses. You do not give up your right to use "your  
software" any way you want because it is a right that you never had.  
When you purchase a copy of Zend, you do not purchase the software.  
You purchase a license to use it. This does not include the ability  
to "tinker under the hood." You may not agree with this, but there is  
nothing illegal or unethical about it.

> Picking on the tiny part of the sentence "give up" is not the  
> important part. These freedoms should be had by all users.  Any  
> choice to limit your deserved rights is a bad one.

I agree that limiting or relinquishing your rights is a bad decision.  
But, once again, purchasing non-Free software is not giving up any  
rights. There is less that you can do with it, but you did not give  
up any of your freedoms. You made the choice to purchase a product  
with less options.

> Here we go again with price.  Free software with a capital F refers  
> to Freedom, not price.  Paying for Free software is perfectly  
> acceptable.  It is correct that Zend has the legal ability to  
> restrict your rights.  This is unfortunate that our legal system  
> allows this un-ethical practice.

What is unethical about selling a product? If I want to sell a house  
that has no windows and doors and part of the deal is that you have  
to stay inside and cannot come out for a year and you choose to  
accept the deal then… that's a deal… that's business… that's barter  
and trade. As long as the individual selling is not doing anything  
illegal or unethical, then the idiots of the world have every right  
to purchase their junk. Sure, we should help limit sales of crap and  
should work to educate the masses, but I don't understand how non- 
Free software is un-ethical.

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