[UPHPU] decision making [group project]

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Mon Jun 6 10:48:31 MDT 2005

Mac Newbold wrote:
> A. Decide in-person by a vote at an official group meeting.

This should be the official way to vote. I understand that many might
not have the ability to attend all meetings or any for that matter.
however, there still needs to be an official method for voting and i
think that if anyone attends the meeting their vote should count as 2.

> B. Decide via email on the [soon-to-be-created] project mailing list.

i think that votes via email are the best way for individuals that
cannot attend can still voice their votes. however, i think their count
should be 1.

Email subjects that deal with votes should reflect the vote and that
there should be a defined and written method for outlining email votes.
I know that the apache foundation has a method for this type of voting
where the subject reflects the vote topic and the user adds the vote in
the email like so:

subject: [Vote] new feature a
em body: +1 [or -1]

> C. Decide via a poll on the UPHPU web site.

i dont think polls are good for voting. I think that the email is

these are some of my thoughts.


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