[UPHPU] OT: programming vs. markup languages

Wade Preston Shearer lists at wadeshearer.com
Fri Jun 3 13:39:14 MDT 2005

> The language that Smarty gives you is not, actually, (I believe)
> Turing equivalent.  You can add more functions to make it Turing
> equivalent, but out of the box (again, I believe) it's not.  Does this
> mean that it doesn't qualify as a programming language?

What is "Turing equivalent"? I asked Google but he [1] didn't know.

> Also, XHTML = eXtensible (right?) HypterText Markup Language.  Doesn't
> that make it a markup language, as opposed to a programming language?
> I *know* that XHTML isn't Turing equivalent.

Agreed. I could/should have used better terminology. I meant "coding"  
instead of "programming."

[1] Is Google male?
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