[UPHPU] open source software vs. freedom (was: Zend Studio)

Gary Thornock Gary_Thornock at sento.com
Fri Jun 3 13:10:58 MDT 2005

> Just to clarify a bit more.  My point isn't that your PHP
> application you develop will not be free, just because you use
> a Non-Free editor.  My point is that your usage of a Non-Free
> editor itself is a loss of freedoms.

I recognize that that's what you're saying, but I fail to
understand how that is a loss of freedom when you are still free
to use another editor, or even many other editors.  You may not
be free to modify Zend Studio, but you're certainly not locked
into using it exclusively, so if you feel the need to modify your
editor, by all means, use a different one.

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