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Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Fri Jun 3 10:14:47 MDT 2005

After recent discussions on the list, I'm concerned about how decisions 
will be made regarding the group project, meaning the process, not the 
result. I'm assuming that we're planning to run this project mostly like a 
democracy, in the same way that UPHPU is run, and that everyone's input is 
welcome, then majority rule will for the most part decide things.

We've got some tough problems though, because while the meetings would be 
a great place to decide in person, not everyone can attend every meeting. 
We typically will not know before the meeting what the decisions or 
options will be, and the discussion (in person and/or on the list) will 
often influence opinions greatly.

I'm going to throw out a few options, and let's talk about them.

A. Decide in-person by a vote at an official group meeting.

IMHO, the simplest way to do it, and the most effective, because of the 
possibility of immediate feedback. However, those in attendance are the 
only ones that carry weight in those decisions. Also kind of nice that the 
discussion and the vote take place in the same way. Variations on this 
might require a minimum number of people to be there, or that the decision 
isn't officially final until it's ratified (by extending the vote to those 
not present by some other means).

B. Decide via email on the [soon-to-be-created] project mailing list.

Everyone will get their shot at input, if they check mail regularly. May 
create a large volume of mail in the form of ballots. Somewhat slow, 
because we've got to give everyone time to respond.  Probably at least 
24-48hrs delay before getting a result. When you have questions that can't 
be decided in parallel, where one depends on the other, that can take a 
long time to get to the final result. Also kind of nice that the 
discussion and the vote take place in the same way.

C. Decide via a poll on the UPHPU web site.

We'd have to take care that anonymous users can't vote, and then the 
system will make sure there's only one vote per person. Many of the same 
problems as the mailing list option, except for the volume of mail issue. 
But replace that with a I-can't-change-my-vote issue.

I'm sure there are other options out there, but these are the ones I 
thought of first.

What does everyone think?

We really will need an effective way to make final decisions in a timely 
fashion, or we'll just wallow in indecision with endless debate for months 
at a time. We've already seen several issues that could easily turn into 
that, if we let them.


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