[UPHPU] PHP Framework Project Launch - Coders welcome to attend

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Thu Jun 2 16:42:08 MDT 2005

Today at 2:17pm, TJ Hunter said:

> On 6/1/05, Victor Villa <vvilla at gmail.com> wrote:
>> The Utah PHP User group yesterday held it's first framework project
>> meeting at Code Greene.
> Have you guys thought about i18n at all?
> PHP has some gettext function that I think work great, but it's easier
> to start the project with i18n in mind than trying to retrofit it
> later.

I haven't given it a single thought. Is it important to anyone involved at 
this point? Is there something easy we can do to be ready for it without 
doing all the hard parts?


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