[UPHPU] Zend Studio

Benjamin Schmuhl schmuhl at minglematch.com
Thu Jun 2 16:07:30 MDT 2005

John David Anderson wrote:

> I'm really impressed thus far, and I'm wondering: for those of you  
> who (have) use(d) it, what features do you like/need/depend on? Any  
> tricks for a ZS n00b? 

For me the Ctrl-Click jump-to-code feature, the full debugging, 
PHPDocumentor-readiness (right-click a function to auto-generate the 
documentation), CVS-readiness, code-analysing and execution profiling 
are what sold me on Zend.  For starters I would print out the keymap for 
reference and start using the documentor tools (as that is how ZS knows 
to tell you what each function is and what it expects when it gives you 
your auto-complete).

Benjamin Schmuhl
MingleMatch, Inc.

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