[UPHPU] Re: Next meeting [was re: php framework project launch]

David Boucha boucha at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 13:10:00 MDT 2005

On 6/2/05, Mac Newbold <mac at macnewbold.com> wrote:
> Today at 11:54am, Daniel Stephenson said:
> > Have a time and place been set for the next meeting?
> Not in stone.
> Our regular UPHPU meeting this month will be on Tuesday, June 21st, so I'd
> maybe lean toward Thursday, June 9th as a good day to hold it, since
> that's almost half way between our last meeting and our regular meeting.
> Failing that, I'd say Tuesday June 14th. Several people have expressed a
> desire to do Thursdays instead of Tuesdays, and few if any have objected
> to that. (We should avoid the third Thurs. (the 16th this time) because of
> a conflict with URAPUG, since we have some interested members in common.)
> So unless there are objections, shall we plan on 7pm on Thursday, June 9th?
> Mac
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June 9th works great for me.

David Boucha

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