[UPHPU] Zend Studio

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Thu Jun 2 12:51:00 MDT 2005

John David Anderson wrote:
> Eclipse is slllloooow as tar on my machine (Mac OS X).

depends on how you start it...there are somethings to do to make is run

> I'm not writing Java programs (per this discussion), and Eclipse  seems
> hellbent on having me do everything in Java. I'm sure it could  do a
> decent job with PHP/HTML/CSS, but I think I'd like to use  something
> more targeted... toward PHP. I've tried to start a project  in it twice,
> and It just wasn't working. IMHO, Its too Java-friendly  to be
> PHP-friendly.

yes it is geared toward the java developer..however, its roots are
smalltalk which is why it is great for software development.

> That said, I'd love to hear why you like it, and what features you  like
> about it.

has some killer tools that work with cvs, subversion and other
repositories. project management is killer...there are some great
plugins for other things, like uml design, coding, database, and languages.

Some of the features i like is the visual sync tools, cvs & subversion


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