[UPHPU] PHP Framework Project Launch - Coders welcome to attend

John David Anderson uphpu at mail.johndavidanderson.net
Thu Jun 2 12:21:26 MDT 2005

> <snipped>

> I'm interested to see what others think about these. I honestly  
> think that only BinaryCloud is even worth taking a second look at,  
> for my purposes. It's the only one that appears simple enough and  
> flexible enough and general enough to accomplish the widely varied  
> things I need to do on the sites I build.

I agree - I wanted to post this quick list to show that there are  
things like this out there, and hopefully we can learn from their  
mistakes and successes. I agree with you on you commentary of each.

> After going through this list, I realized how to describe one of  
> the key things I'm after: a framework should make it much faster to  
> develop a quality site.

I vote we make this the mission statement for the project. :o)  
Another purpose of a framework is to make maintenance easier.

> Some of these are so big, so complex, and would add so much  
> development time overhead that the time savings might not ever  
> appear, even after I've done a few sites with it. When I think of  
> learning curve, I think of something that may have some slope at  
> the beginning, but after I've done two or three projects, should be  
> basically flat. The "development time overhead/savings" of a  
> framework has a curve too... on the first few projects, it's  
> higher, as the learning curve is steep, but by the time the  
> learning curve flattens out, there should be a dramatic and  
> consistent time savings from using the framework. With a lot of  
> these systems, I'm far from convinced that this is the case.

Agreed. I've tried starting up personal projects using these - just  
to learn them - and haven't been totally convinced that they help out.

What we may want to look at is an approach more similar to PEAR - a  
set of classes you can use if you want quick functionality.... It  
seems like many of these frameworks approach the task, trying to  
encapsulate the whole application under it's umbrella.

...Or maybe more like a set of PHP scripts that ask for what you plan  
to do. Run them, and they take your design and give you a starting  
bare-bones site that you can then move on to customize.

-- John

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