[UPHPU] PHP Framework Project Launch - Coders welcome to attend

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Thu Jun 2 11:28:51 MDT 2005

John David Anderson wrote:
> One of the problems with some frameworks is that you have to write a 
> kabillion configuration files and register actions and forms... 
> (*cough* struts *cough*) and the work in setting up the framework  ends
> up being more than if you just wrote everything from scratch,  not to
> mention the hit the system takes in keeping track of  everything. I
> really like lightweight and atomic.

a framework needs to be lightweight and functional at the same time.
Ones that i have looked at using do not offer the functionality that i
am looking for.

> Awesome idea - I'd like to define my DB structure, and have PHP  classes
> (with get and set methods) and DB tables automatically  generated and
> tied to the DB abstraction layer of my choice. Form  generators and
> validation rules could then be added to any data  object class you wanted.

this is one feature of the framework that i would like to see. some type
of db generation and sql builder that works with the db generation.

> Many frameworks use Smarty or another engine - I'd recommend  following
> this trend. Partly because I already know and like Smarty,  but I think
> re-creating the presentation layer could be a lot of work.

one thing with frameworks is that they tend to be able to incorporate
technologies like smarty and fasttemplates into the mix. I think this
would be a killer feature in that the user has the ability to determine
how the presentation layer is set up. Also i think that for the backend
system too. For example, using php dbx or adodb or another abstract
layer or not.

>> Then, adding and configuring any
>> additional modules is as simple as uploading them to a modules folder
>> and enabling them.

configuration i think should be like ini files that are loaded when
need. the hard part for the core is knowing which files to load with
each request. One design that i hate is that all files are loaded
regardless. I think that we can use a decoupled dependency injection
method to do that...where the core sets up the dependencies of the
objects and creates them. For example, the core would handle all the
object creation of smarty and adodb if those are used. Using this type
of injection will all the core to handle most any modules, like pear for


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