[UPHPU] PHP Framework Project Launch - Coders welcome to attend

David Boucha boucha at gmail.com
Thu Jun 2 10:00:29 MDT 2005

On 6/2/05, John David Anderson <uphpu at mail.johndavidanderson.net> wrote:
> On Jun 2, 2005, at 9:06 AM, Mac Newbold wrote:
> > <snip>
> > How many systems out there do you know of that target that market?
> > If you can name even one, let me know, cause I'd like to check it
> > out. Right now I'm stuck using all my own home-grown stuff, and so
> > far, I can only afford to develop it as much as a client is willing
> > to pay for, which often stops at the same place their need for
> > features and generality stops.
> >
> Blueshoes
> http://www.blueshoes.org/en/framework/
> Horde:
> http://www.horde.org/
> BinaryCloud:
> http://www.binarycloud.com/index.php/Main/HomePage
> Seagull:
> http://seagull.phpkitchen.com/
> php.MVC:
> http://www.phpmvc.net/
> InterJinn:
> http://www.interjinn.com/about/index.phtml
> rwfPHP:
> http://rwfphp.multispan.com/
> Phrame:
> http://phrame.sourceforge.net/
> There are other commercial products, but AFAIK, these are all free/OS
> projects.
> -- John

I agree with Mac about the need for basic building blocks for a site.
I've looked at quite a few "frameworks" and they never quite provide
what I need.

Wouldn't it be great to run an sql script to set up the MySQL
database, upload some scripts to your web root along with a folder
containing a bunch of utility classes and, BAM!! your permission/login
system is up and running along with a basic site. Then the site layout
is a snap to rearrange and beautify with CSS and whatever your studly
graphics designer comes up with. Then, adding and configuring any
additional modules is as simple as uploading them to a modules folder
and enabling them.

I think it could be done.

This last week I started playing around with the latest PHP5 version
of horde (http://www.horde.org), which John mentioned above, and I was
very impressed. I haven't had time to mess with the visual design
aspect of things, but adding in several modules was very easy and they
integrated pretty nicely. The main problem I have so far is that the
user interface is not always intuitive. Horde is getting close.

Anyway, just some thoughts.

David Boucha

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