[UPHPU] PHP Framework Project Launch - Coders welcome to attend

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Thu Jun 2 08:24:28 MDT 2005

Yesterday at 6:24pm, Mike Trionfo said:

>> The primary reason we decided against PHP 5 is we want the thing to be
>> usable on PHP 4 servers, which are still very common. I, for one, do not
>> have access to a server running PHP 5 on which to develop, test, or use
>> the framework. We wanted to chose the lowest common denominator, unless
>> there is a compelling reason to use PHP 5 because there's some great thing
>> in it that we absolutely cannot live without.
> What are the chances that a stable and sturdy framework will emerge
> out of this group before PHP 5 servers are very prevalent in the
> industry?
> Granted I was not in attendance at the meeting, buy my vote is to
> build something that is for the future of PHP that could help
> consolidate and streamline application development for the entire
> community.
> Perhaps by the time the architecture and most of the nitty-gritty is
> nailed down, PHP 4 servers will not be as popular as they are now.

I don't know about what you're planning, but I sure hope we've got 
something that works in less than 6 months, so I'm not positive that 
that's a good time frame for assuming that everyone will have upgraded 

Second, backwards compatibility. If everything write is compatible with 
PHP4 and PHP5, that broadens our audience that much more. Many people 
don't have control over the version of PHP installed on their server, and 
many shared-hosting servers are very slow to get the latest and greatest.

Is there some problem with being PHP4-compatible that I'm not aware of?

Is there some compelling feature in PHP5 that we absolutely don't want to 
live without? Sure, it's got better OOP, but so far, there's been no 
discussion that would lead me to believe that the core of the project will 
be heavily OOP. Arbitrarily raising the minimum server requirements is not 
something to be done lightly, if at all.

All I'm saying is that if we _can_ be PHP4 compatible without much extra 
pain, why not?

I know that it would cause me a lot of grief if it doesn't run under PHP4, 
and I am almost positive that I'm not alone.


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