[UPHPU] PHP Framework Project Launch - Coders welcome to attend

BigDog bigdog at venticon.com
Thu Jun 2 00:29:14 MDT 2005

Mike Trionfo wrote:
> What are the chances that a stable and sturdy framework will emerge
> out of this group before PHP 5 servers are very prevalent in the
> industry?

very good...developing the code will be a relatively sort time until 
php5 is uses wide spread throughout the community.

> Granted I was not in attendance at the meeting, buy my vote is to
> build something that is for the future of PHP that could help
> consolidate and streamline application development for the entire
> community.
> Perhaps by the time the architecture and most of the nitty-gritty is
> nailed down, PHP 4 servers will not be as popular as they are now.

I see php5 as i did with php3 moving to php4. Most people continued to 
run their apps on php3 until they ported it all over to php4. But all 
new development was done in php4 to leverage the new features. I think 
that since we are developing a new framework we will want to have the 
future in mind and use the newest stable release of php. however, this 
is a group decision and if it was decided to use php4 that is fine. But 
the idea of even having php5 mixed in is a hard concept to manage. I 
would say that if you are doing some in php5, then just do it all in php5.

im wondering if i am missing the group concept of a framework on this. 
imho a framework is a code base that allows developers to build web 
applications in short amounts of time cause much of the basic stuff is 
done. From the list of items i only saw a couple of items that seemed to 
fit into the framework. Is this the right conclusion we are making with 
the term "framework".


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