[UPHPU] PHP Framework Project Launch - Coders welcome to attend

Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Wed Jun 1 15:52:31 MDT 2005

Victor Villa wrote:

>- Core to be programed in PHP 4
>- Framework to include database abstraction layer (like ADODB)
>- Some modules to be coded to take advantage of PHP 5
Why do the core in php4 and then some modules in php5? Not sure the
reason for using php4 when this is a new project and might benefit from

>MODULES: (under consideration)
>* Login user / user permission verification (if failure HTML provided
>for logging in)
>* RSS server
>* Chat frontEnd (AJAX)
>* Blog frontend
>* Insert sterile Data
>APPS: (under consideration)
>* Billing
>* Time Tracker
>* Calendaring
>* RSS Backend
>* Blog Backend
Don't we want to create the framework that will allow users to create
modules and apps for use in the framework?

>Some framework features that were discussed 
>* skinable web design
>* admin on the page viewed by IP / logged status
>* plugin capability for handwritten / new mods or apps
>* Search Engine Optimization
>* gzip header compression
here are some features i would like to propose for the framework:
1. MVC controller
2. db sql builder and cache (sql query storage)
3. pluggable pear features
4. pluggable template system
5. pluggable db abstraction layer
6. language subsystem

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