[UPHPU] PHP Framework Project Launch - Coders welcome to attend

Victor Villa vvilla at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 11:04:03 MDT 2005

The Utah PHP User group yesterday held it's first framework project
meeting at Code Greene.

While the group currently consists of a good diversification of
skills, we are still inviting those who want

to contribute and learn in the process.

>From the meeting we established the following - 


- Core to be programed in PHP 4
- Framework to include database abstraction layer (like ADODB)
- Some modules to be coded to take advantage of PHP 5

MODULES: (under consideration)

* Login user / user permission verification (if failure HTML provided
for logging in)
* RSS server
* Chat frontEnd (AJAX)
* Blog frontend
* Insert sterile Data

APPS: (under consideration)

* Billing
* Time Tracker
* Calendaring
* RSS Backend
* Blog Backend

Some framework features that were discussed 

* skinable web design
* admin on the page viewed by IP / logged status
* plugin capability for handwritten / new mods or apps
* Search Engine Optimization
* gzip header compression

Those in attendance yesterday include:

Mac Newbold
Brady Mitchel
Sheri Bigelow
Jeff Shuey
Lonnie Olson
Victor Villa

Please contact Mac Newbold through IRC or through email
mac at macnewbold.com if you are interested in attending.


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