[UPHPU] Polymorphism of Static Methods?

Tyler Gee geekout at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 22:45:30 MDT 2005

> So I can go on with my work. However, as an aside, I question why this
> kludge is necessary. If the __CLASS__ the method is actually bound to
> on execution is readily available, making this kludge possible, why
> isn't the default action for self::static1() to use that class rather
> than the class the method is defined in? I'm guessing there must be
> some rationale behind it, but I can't see it. Maybe I'll get on #php
> sometime and ask.

I specifically remember a lecture back in my university days when the
professor explained this problem and explained why it exists, but I
can only seem to remember the former.

Glad that worked.


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