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Wade Preston Shearer lists at anavidesign.com
Fri Jan 7 09:13:33 MST 2005

>> ...to help me with the basics of creating a form that
>> takes information, upon clicking a submit button, the
>> form connects to an external mail server to send the
>> information?  I don't know if I'm doing the right kind
>> of search on google because I've tried to find this
>> kind of script now for awhile now off and on.  The
>> ones I'm finding talk about how to send an email but
>> the mail server is on the same server.  I know this
>> has to be a simple script.
> Not a dumb question. Here's how you do it.
> Make some HTML like this in a file called whatever you want:
> Then make a faile called emailme.php like this:
> Put both the files in the same directory in your web root somewhere.

With one exception. Assuming that I understood correctly that John 
wants the email generated and sent from a different server than the one 
hosting the web form, he will have to put the two files on different 
servers and set the form action as an absolute path like this...

<form action="http://emailserver.com/emailme.php" method="post">
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