[UPHPU] Posting a form

Jason Jones j at poeticintensity.com
Thu Feb 24 10:25:03 MST 2005

Mac Newbold wrote:

> Today at 9:47am, Wade Preston Shearer said:
>>> The 'submit' $_POST entry will only be set if the button named 
>>> 'submit' is actually clicked.
>> Really? That is strange. I wonder how I have not experienced this 
>> before.
> I'm with Wade on this one.... I would expect that I would have been 
> bitten by this by now.
> I know that when you have _multiple_ submit buttons in a form, that it 
> only sends the one that was actually clicked, but with a _single_ 
> submit button, maybe it does send it anyway?
> I wonder what the browser does in a multiple-submit button page if you 
> hit enter...
> I also wonder what it does in terms of javascript... if you have a 
> single submit button form, and hit enter, it knows you mean that 
> submit button, but would it run the onclicks or not? In other words, 
> how directly is the enter key translated to a mouse click on the 
> submit button?
> Anyone want to do some testing?
> Mac
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> Mac Newbold        MNE - Mac Newbold Enterprises, LLC
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I'm on the same page.  I've built many forms using PHP to process the 
information, and I press enter all the time to test the submission of my 
stuff.  I use Firefox / Mozilla.  Who knows what IE does.

One thing I have noticed is that when ever I press enter, the cursor is 
in the text field / on the radio button or checkbox that is on the form 
being submitted.  I doubt that just pressing enter with the cursor 
somewhere else would submit the form, but relying on the hundreds of 
times I've pressed enter to submit a form, I'm pretty sure it works, at 
least with Mozilla.


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