[UPHPU] HTML/PHP via eval()

Jacob Wright jacwright at gmail.com
Sat Aug 27 10:22:31 MDT 2005

eval() is assuming that you are already starting in PHP mode, so you'll have 
a heck-a-time trying to parse through the whole string to modify it to work 
and it will also be innefficient. I just tested this out, so I'm not sure if 
it works in all cases, but, if you want to eval a PHP page, then just add a 
?> in front of the string. Here is an example:

eval('?><html><body><?php echo "hello world!" ?></body></html>');

> function eval_mixed($string){
> $string = "<? ?>".$string."<? ?>";
> $string = preg_replace("/<\?=\s+(.*?)\s+\?>/", "<? echo $1; ?>", $string);
> $string = str_replace( array('<?php', '<?'), '',
> preg_replace_callback( "/\?>((.|\n)*?)<\?/",
> create_function(
> '$arr',
> 'return ("echo
> stripslashes(\"".addslashes($arr[1])."\");");',$string) ) );
> $string = str_replace('?>', '', $string);
> return eval($string);
> }

Could instead be:

function eval_mixed($string){
return eval("?>$string");

I know it's not as cool looking as the above function, but hopefully it will 
do the trick! ;)


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