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Wed Apr 6 07:30:20 MDT 2005

Sorry, that quote was supposed to be attributed to Brady, not Daniel.

On Apr 6, 2005 12:40 AM, Jeremy Burgess <jeremy at edgecast.net> wrote:
> >>>Interesting idea.  I know a couple people who SHOULD take classes.  ;)
> >>>
> >>>
> >i think that there should be time spent on really getting into theory
> >and software development practices. this will definitely help every
> >programmer. this might even be an advanced class.
> >
> >
> I think there should be at least one joker in the class ... Hey, I'm not
> sayin' it should be me!
> But seriously, Mac, Is there a business model behind this, or a public
> service model? With many companies leveraging php/mysql some might be
> willing to pay to train employees, but then as long as there are some of
> us self-teachers out there looking for work why should they? OSS seems
> to get befriended for it's thrift merit, especially in this state. I
> think that most php developers are the do-it-yourself type that would
> not pay for training unless it was real cheap. (even those of us who
> "SHOULD" take classes)
> Now, under the public service model ... let's just make our monthly
> UPHPU meeting weekly! I bet you'd draw a good crowd, Mac!
> Also, I'm getting to the point, in everything,  were I'd rather pay for
> private tutoring than sit though a class. That's what I need ... a good
> low level grinding, boot-camp style tutoring. ... and some sleep ... I'm
> afraid I've come off too pessimistic. I'd like to know what angle you
> thinking about this from.
> There is a need. I'll give ya that!
> -SpiderBiter
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