[UPHPU] Source Code Control

David Smith DavidSmith at byu.net
Fri Sep 10 14:13:48 MDT 2004

<quote who="Lonnie Olson">
> access.  Also, my number 1 reason to use subversion with web
> development, is the handling of binary files.  Almost every web project
> will have images, and CVS can be a pain with binary files.  Subversion
> doesn't screw up any of your files unless you ask, it is the opposite
> with CVS.  CVS will screw with your files by default.

I am usually the first to step up and announce CVS's weaknesses, but in
this case, I'm going to defend it. I've been using CVS with binary files
for several years, and it has done just fine. The only problems I've seen
are with weird Windows CVS clients. The Linux CVS client works just fine.


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