[UPHPU] Passing info to a php script

Timothy Humphrey email at timothyhumphrey.com
Fri Sep 10 10:08:45 MDT 2004

You're right -- html only on the CD, redirecting to the webserver.

I don't need to identify each user, but rather that they are using the CD. I
could use the GET variable in the URL, I'd just prefer that it were a little
more subtle. Is there a way to find out the referring page? Something like

If ($referring_page == 'Start Here.html') { }


If ($referring_url == 'file:///Start Here.html') { }

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> I'm a little confused on what is on your CD: you can't run PHP or mySQL from a
> CD. 
> You run PHP on your webserver - so there is no way to include a file on your
> local filesystem.
> Can you imagine what could happen if my webserver had access to read files
> from your CD 
> drive? Sounds like a perfect feature for Longhorn :o)
> As I understand it, the only thing on your CD is a static HTML page (with some
> Javascript in 
> it) that redirects the user's browser to a live PHP on a web server somewhere.
> The only way to 
> identify who that request is coming from is to pass a GET variable when you do
> the redirect.
> The problem with that, is that you have to create a different HTML file for
> each CD.
> ?
> --John
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> From: Timothy Humphrey <email at timothyhumphrey.com>
> Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 09:13:19 -0600
>> Running the variable within the URL would work, but they could bookmark /
>> copy & paste / remember how to get back to the test that way.
>> Is there any way in PHP to include() a file from the CD?
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