[UPHPU] CSS Layout Question

Wade Preston Shearer groups at anavidesign.com
Fri Sep 3 12:21:03 MDT 2004

> I need the whole thing to have a fixed height, the header and footer 
> areas to have a fixed height, but the middle area be fluid.
> Setting the height of the middle area to be 100% works in IE but 
> pushes the footer outside of the fixed container in other browsers.
> When I say I need the whole thing to have a fixed height, I mean that 
> it should be fixed so that the footer stays up against the bottom of 
> the middle area.  The whole thing can expand as the middle area 
> expands.

Do you always, always, always want the footer at the bottom, even if 
there is more content in the middle area than will fit within the 
viewport? or do you want the footer to be pushed down off the viewport?
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