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Fri Oct 29 11:30:28 MDT 2004


Are you volunteering to present, or are you just saying it would be an
interesting topic?


We're looking for presenters for March 2005 and beyond. This is the
perfect time to volunteer, folks, because you have a few months to
prepare. We're open to just about any topic related to PHP/LAMP/web


>>> Scott Barber <scott.barber at tonservices.com> 10/29/04 11:23 AM >>>
All this discussion on frameworks has me intrigued. I'm soon ready to 
implement a few different websites. I was a Smarty fan but it's so dog 
slow and it doesn't seem to fully support MVC. I'm not ready to jump to 
Ruby yet and after looking around at *just* PHP frameworks Seagull looks

real good. It uses flexy and some cool Pear classes like LiveUser and 
PEAR:DB. Which PHP frameworks have you guys used, like?

I'd be up for a presentation on a few common PHP frameworks and the 
concepts of the MVC model.

Scott Barber
TON Services, Inc.


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