[UPHPU] php framework(phrame) vs. pear

John David Anderson uphpu at mail.johndavidanderson.net
Thu Oct 28 17:08:23 MDT 2004

> I've been on both sides of this. Although I won't speak for
> Smarty, I like Flexy. Nice, clean, plain HTML templates except for a
> few tags and attributes.

Isn't this Smarty?

> Smarty doesn't do this, but Flexy keeps templates clean
> enough to still be able to edit in a WYSIWYG IDE.

Which IDE do you use? I work with Smarty in Dreamweaver and things 
display fine (except for Smarty-generated selects, etc.)

> And it forces you
> to keep that MVC separation. Performance is fine--templates are
> compiled (down to plain PHP code) on the fly and then cached.

Same with Smarty, right?

> In short, my life is better with it and it'll be a cold day in hell
> before I go back to that mess of <? tags, html, and code that I used 
> before. :]

I'm not married to Smarty at all, but I've used it and liked it thus 
far - why do people dislike it? What other things have people used that 
work better?

I like Smarty because it is OO and easy to use. It is simple and fast, 
and it includes tags and functions that I regularly need in working 
with HTML: things like truncation, HTML form selects, etc.



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