[UPHPU] php framework(phrame) vs. pear

Jacob Hanson jacdx at jacobhanson.com
Thu Oct 28 16:56:47 MDT 2004

Thursday, October 28, 2004, 4:09:29 PM, you wrote:
> I am playing around with "ruby on rails" right now. It has got to be the
> coolest framework ever. (www.rubyonrails.org).
> ... not that PHP isn't cool too :) I wasn't gonna mention Ruby, but since
> you mentioned it first...

Yeah, rubyonrails is what I was thinking of when I mentioned it. It's
wicked-dope-supa-fly. I got those same feelings of euphoria I got when
I was playing with Groovy. I also like Webware on Python (I did the
new logo).

> I never understood what the appeal of smarty was. Sure it looks a little
> neater, and its got the whole separation of logic from design going on, but
> it is not XML compliant, its slow, it does the exact same thing native PHP
> does...

I've been on both sides of this. Although I won't speak for
Smarty, I like Flexy. Nice, clean, plain HTML templates except for a
few tags and attributes. Smarty doesn't do this, but Flexy keeps templates clean
enough to still be able to edit in a WYSIWYG IDE. And it forces you
to keep that MVC separation. Performance is fine--templates are
compiled (down to plain PHP code) on the fly and then cached.
In short, my life is better with it and it'll be a cold day in hell
before I go back to that mess of <? tags, html, and code that I used before. :]

> I tended to use XML/XSL for templating. I have got a system I built where I
> can write templates in X(HT)ML and run them through xsltproc and it builds
> native PHP templates with dynamic functionality. ie:

XSL is alright. I'm also not a big fan of XML. Language independence
is cool, but I don't like the extra step of having to manually transform
before I can run. Of course, I could be one of those crazy-asses
that transforms them on the fly in PHP. Hehheh. No.

> seagull looks cool, I hadn't heard of that. I was using mojavi for a while,
> http://www.mojavi.org, it is simple and functional, but I have found it to
> be problematic at times.

Yeah, I really like Seagull. BTW, it's BSD licensed, for the curious.

I just looked at Phrame. I think I looked at it back in the day. I saw
a direct lineage to Struts and screamed and ran away. My experience
with Struts was a nightmare. It's an abomination IMO. Friends don't
let friends use big hairy XML configuration files for everything. It's
just not right.

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