[UPHPU] Re: PHP approach

Benjamin Schmuhl schmuhl at minglematch.com
Fri Oct 22 13:33:56 MDT 2004

Indulge we must...  but for the purpose of education and to shamlessly 
plug uphpu (sic): The Utah PHP Users Group (http://www.uphpu.org) is 
nothing like what you describe.  The answers provided by intelligent and 
resposible communities (like plug and uphpu) are typically very helpfull 
and full of insight and experience.  I don't search the web for any 
programming questions, and I wouldn't reccommend it to anyone interested 
in developing (read: not copy/paste-ing code).
The picture of PHP that you have painted, while real to you and those 
that you may know, is nothing like what Mr. Schroeder, Mr. Torrie and I 

>For example, if I go into comp.lang.perl.misc (that's a newsgroup, folks)
>and ask a question about doing a global regular expression search and
>replace of some kind, I'll get several well though-out responses including
>some that include optimized code and explanations of the pros and cons of
>greedy regexs. 
>Contrast that to asking the same type of question on a PHP web forum. Sure,
>there _might_ be a couple of really well-informed answers, but by and
>large, most answers would be of the "this is what I did and it worked, but
>I don't know why."
>Again, thanks for your kind indulgence.
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