[UPHPU] set_error_handler

David Boucha boucha at gmail.com
Tue Oct 12 13:16:06 MDT 2004

Hey, everyone,

I'm stumped on a simple problem. I'm sure I'm missing something stupid here. 
Anyway, here's my problem:

   I have a table in MySQL with 14 fields with the TIME attribute.
They are set to default to NULL.  My SQL query looks like the

   INSERT INTO tblSchedule 

>From what I understand, if $Monday_end is an empty variable, or
doesn't exist, then MySQL will set Monday_end to it's default( NULL in
this case).   But what is happening is that MySQL is putting in
00:00:00 instead of NULL.  Is this happening because $Monday_end is in
the query?

I've tried sending "NULL" if the variable isn't set, but that doesn't
seem to work either.

Thanks for any help or ideas.

Dave Boucha

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