[UPHPU] signing everyone up for uphpu-announce

Wade Preston Shearer lists at anavidesign.com
Thu Oct 7 15:52:03 MDT 2004


We used to have just one mailing list. We now have three. The purpose 
for this is so that people can choose what information they want. We 
haven't had very many (five or so) people sign up for the announcement 
list however. I would like to limit the discussion list to just 
discussions though and move all announcements and group business to 
"uphpu-announce." But, since no one has subscribed, no one would get 
the announcements.

I do not want to subscribe anyone up for a list that they do not want 
to be subscribed to however, as I respect your personal information and 
want you to trust the group with it. So, as a solution, I will be 
sending out invitations to every address that is subscribed to "uphpu." 
You will not be automatically subscribed to the list. You will have the 
option to subscribe or not be replying to the message or clicking a 
link with the body.



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