[UPHPU] January Meeting

Mac Newbold mac at macnewbold.com
Thu Oct 7 13:42:26 MDT 2004

Today at 9:35am, Jonathan Gale said:

>I have volunteered to present in January on the topic of: Installing and
>Configuring PHP.  While it's not a particularly sexy topic, there are
>some good things to know if you ever find yourself needing to install,
>upgrade or configure a PHP instance.
>With that said, here are some ideas for topics to be covered:
>installing PHP from source
>installing PHP from RPM

I'd add something like "installing PHP from FreeBSD Ports"... :)
It would be a short discussion, because it is so easy. There's also a
quick and easy way to install the various optional modules and such.

If you're going to cover some MySQL install/configure stuff, you may want
to briefly touch on Apache install/config as it relates to PHP.

While you're discussing php.ini, it might also be worthwhile to discuss a
few PHP-related options and settings, like how you can use .htaccess files
to add php settings on a fine-grained basis.

This may be going too far off topic, but you could discuss choice of
OS/Distro when setting up a server for PHP.

Another topic I'd like to learn more about is PHP in a non-LAMP setup. Not
that I'd ever use one if I've got the choice, but sometimes we're forced
into it. A different DB instead of MySQL probably isn't a big deal, but I
know next to nothing about using PHP with something other than Apache,
like IIS or Roxen.  Then there's the OS thing. Linux, *BSD, and OSX all do
about the same, I think, but Windows is a whole different ball game.

If not in this meeting, sometime we need to discuss PHP on Windows, for
those who don't have an much of an OS choice or haven't seen the light
yet. I know there are some of us who have to write scripts for windows PHP
servers, and probably some who have to install/configure/maintain PHP on


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