[UPHPU] Obfuscating emails (was: old archives: import? toss?)

John johnh at strictlyrockymountain.com
Wed Oct 6 16:05:11 MDT 2004

That sounds great.  I can't speak for the others, but didn't get the
attachment.  Does the mailing list strip it off?


> I've attached a pair of PHP scripts I wrote for fun a few months back
> that can display an email address (or any text) as a gif image using
> built-in PHP stuff (gd). Feel free to use it in the list archive. I
> recommend using a preg_replace() to replace all instances of xxx at xxx.xxx
> with <img src="email-image.php?u=$user&d=$domain&t=$tld"> or something
> (will require some minor code modifications).
> I'm sure someone smarter than me has put more thought into this problem,
> and so any other solution would likely be better. But this will at least
> give some ideas.
> --Dave

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