[UPHPU] Obfuscating emails (was: old archives: import? toss?)

David Smith DavidSmith at byu.net
Wed Oct 6 15:24:35 MDT 2004

I've attached a pair of PHP scripts I wrote for fun a few months back that
can display an email address (or any text) as a gif image using built-in
PHP stuff (gd). Feel free to use it in the list archive. I recommend using
a preg_replace() to replace all instances of xxx at xxx.xxx with <img
src="email-image.php?u=$user&d=$domain&t=$tld"> or something (will require
some minor code modifications).

I'm sure someone smarter than me has put more thought into this problem,
and so any other solution would likely be better. But this will at least
give some ideas.


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