[UPHPU] old archives: import? toss?

John johnh at strictlyrockymountain.com
Wed Oct 6 15:02:53 MDT 2004

I too am for keeping them.  Although I have no experience with mailman, I
would be happy to give it a shot if no one else knows how.

Additionally, I have had experience reading an incoming email into a php
script and then parsing it for relevant headers and splitting out the
body, etc.  Instead of moving into what we have now, I might be able to
create a seperate mysql table with them.  We could easily make them
searchable then.


> Group:
> You may have noticed that the mailing list archives did not make it
> over to the new server. The current archives only go back to the day we
> moved. I assume that if we have been running Mailman on the old server,
> then the transition would have been simple, but because we weren't, I
> am not sure in an import will be possible. The archives are not lost, I
> have them as a tarball full of directories and text files.
> My question to you is this: should we spend the effort to try and
> import the archives into Mailman? Does any have any experience
> importing into Mailman's (Pipermail) archives? Does anyone want to
> tackle this? I have no idea how complicated it would be.
> What do you think?
> Wade
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