[UPHPU] any asp converts?

John lists at strictlyrockymountain.com
Tue Nov 30 18:50:18 MST 2004

Hi Jon, perhaps you can help me understand what "plain vanilla ASP" is?? 
In the world of acronyms I some times loose myself.  I know ASP as
"Application Service Provider" and on the Microsoft Site if you search for
ASP, they also seem to use the ASP that way.  I also believe that the
previouse versions of IIS you could run VBscript and so is that what you
mean?  IIS instead of ASP?  The only other instance I can find of ASP from
Microsoft is ASP.NET...


> John
> You bring up many good points. When I was comparing ASP and PHP, I was
> talking about plain vanilla ASP, not .NET. Thus I referred to it in
> terms of VBScript, as that is the language it is primarily written in,
> and when you compare that to PHP, PHP wins hands down.
> Jon
>> Not exactly, PHP in IIS is being run like that, but the ASP
>> framework (ASP.NET framework) is an overall structure that
>> allows one to write the pages in whatever supported language
>> you want.  I don't believe the other supported languages are
>> being executed like cgi at all.
>> Here is a link to the microsoft site which gives a good view
>> (not marketing view) of the process.
>> http://www.microsoft.com/net/products/tools.asp
>> In essessnce, this says it all:
>> "With MicrosoftR Visual StudioR .NET and the Microsoft .NET
>> Framework, developers can develop Web services quickly and
>> integrate them easily with other applications. Most
>> developers can leverage existing skills, because the .NET
>> Framework's common language runtime allows you to develop Web
>> services using any modern programming language."
>> --
>> Thanks
>> John
>> > On Mon, 29 Nov 2004 19:16:34 -0700 (MST), John
>> > <lists at strictlyrockymountain.com> wrote:
>> >> Hi folks, I'm going to add my 2 cents on this.  Basically
>> ASP is just
>> >> an envelope (this may be too simplified) created by
>> mircosoft which
>> >> allows you to use many different languages to accomplish your task.
>> For instance if you didn't know you can use PHP in/on a
>> Windows ISS
>> >> box.  You can also use C++, C#, Java, JScript, Javascript, J# and
>> others.  Using ASP means you are using the structure of their
>> environment and not a specific language.  ASP is not a
>> language.  I
>> >> hope my 2 cents are worth something to someone, but if not, no big
>> deal.
>> >
>> > So your saying it's MS's solution to CGI in ISS (I don't know much
>> about ISS)?
>> >
>> > It also goes the other way as well. Even if all you had
>> through Apache
>> > was mod_php, and the in-ability to load other modules or
>> change Apache
>> > config, you could still use PHP to execute binaries or
>> scripts written
>> > in other languages.
>> >
>> > Thanks for your input also Jon, that was fairly descriptive.
>> >
>> > Bryan Petty
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