[UPHPU] virtual PHP hosts and database code generation

Jeremy Burgess jeremy at edgecast.net
Tue Nov 23 16:48:58 MST 2004

John Fletcher wrote:

>a) I am developing and testing a php app on my Windows laptop and will be
>deploying onto a linux server.  I want to use absolute paths...
I currently develop on Windows and host on Linux also. I like to know 
that my code always accommodates both platforms. I have chosen to use 
relative paths, but if you insist on absolute then Ray has given a good, 
standard solution.

>b) Is anyone using PHP database access code generators?  I saw something
>called phpcodegenie today... anyone have any opinions on this or other
I don't use any code generators, but I'm a big fan of phpMyAdmin for 
database administration. It handles queries straight forward and newer 
versions can display a query as a php string assignment [1]. phpMyAdmin 
also features a SELECT statement builder.

[1] $sql = 'SELECT `CID` , `COLOR` FROM `client_colors` WHERE `CID` = 3 
LIMIT 0, 30';

It's functional enough for the advanced user and simple enough for the 
beginner without concealing what's really going on.

Jeremy Burgess
Edgecast Web Solutions
jeremy at edgecast.net

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