[UPHPU] virtual PHP hosts and database code generation

Jeffrey Moss jeff at opendbms.com
Tue Nov 23 09:55:50 MST 2004

I've been using propel, which is a ORM package, http://propel.phpdb.org/
It's only compatible with PHP5 and only the most popular databases, although 
it can be adapted to others.

I don't see the value in GUI based code generation at all. All propel does 
is set you up with a nice data model based on an XML configuration of your 
database, so you can go back and tweak your database and data model from the 
same source. It might be overkill for some applications, although I use it 
for even the simplest scripts.

There are code mapping tools that will use the new reflection classes to go 
from one OO programming language, to XMI (XML Metadata Interchange), to 
another language, which is technically code generation, as well as going 
from UML to XMI to PHP and starting with that. But GUI based code 
generation? Worthless. I'd just keep my fingers on my keyboard and type.

I'm going to be talking about ORM and OOP and other reusable code techniques 
in February's meeting (excluding code generation altogether). Any other 
suggestions are welcome. I was considering an introduction to UML if people 
are interested...


> b) Is anyone using PHP database access code generators?  I saw something
> called phpcodegenie today... anyone have any opinions on this or other
> options?

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