Ray Hunter bigdog at venticon.com
Mon Nov 22 14:14:16 MST 2004

On Mon, 2004-11-22 at 13:57 -0700, Steve Dibb wrote:
> To see which USE flags mod_php has,
> # emerge -pv mod_php
> or to see which ones you can use, and their description
> # emerge gentoolkit
> # etcat -u mod_php
> Then pick the USE flags you want to use, and do:
> # USE="session blah whatever" emerge mod_php
> Just make sure you restart apache after you recompile mod_php or the 
> changes won't take affect.

As Tierra pointed out to me, a better approach to this is to set the use
flag in the /etc/portage/package.use. That way you can make sure that
you have the flags set when you need to recompile again.

man portage

to read more about it.


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