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Jeffrey Moss jeff at opendbms.com
Tue Nov 16 13:46:12 MST 2004

Have the computer with the dBase files run the cronjob and connect to your 
mysql server.

I use email for a lot of things like this. It is good because it handles 
queueing automatically. If a server is down, it will keep trying to send the 
email for whatever the timeout period is (I set mine to a week). Send it and 
forget it. You'll want to encrypt it of course.


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> You all remember the past questions about dBase databases and such? Well, 
> I've setup a server with Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL and dBase support for 
> PHP and I can now query and record to a dBase file. I have learned that 
> dBase is unstable, cannot be locked, and other nasty things like that. So, 
> I plan on creating a PHP script that syncs each of the dBase databases 
> with a similarly built MySQL database on a timed interval (using the 
> cron).
> The problem is that the dBase files are stored on another computer that is 
> not accessible to the outside world, and I'm not sure how to access them 
> with that PHP script.
> Any ideas?
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