[UPHPU] local network

OgdenNights.com lists at ogdennights.com
Tue Nov 16 13:40:07 MST 2004

You all remember the past questions about dBase databases and such? 
Well, I've setup a server with Linux, Apache, PHP, MySQL and dBase 
support for PHP and I can now query and record to a dBase file. I have 
learned that dBase is unstable, cannot be locked, and other nasty 
things like that. So, I plan on creating a PHP script that syncs each 
of the dBase databases with a similarly built MySQL database on a timed 
interval (using the cron).

The problem is that the dBase files are stored on another computer that 
is not accessible to the outside world, and I'm not sure how to access 
them with that PHP script.

Any ideas?

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