[UPHPU] Java and Frameworks (was: MVC)

Lonnie Olson fungus at aros.net
Tue Nov 16 11:38:17 MST 2004

On Nov 16, 2004, at 7:58 AM, Grant Shipley wrote:
> On Mon, 15 Nov 2004 20:49:04 -0700, Daniel C. <dcrookston at gmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> Java is a language for mediocre programmers working in large teams.
> Ah, that explains why java programmers get paid more than us
> non-mediocre programmers who use php.

I really enjoy reading these programmers skill vs. language vs. na na 
na arguments, but  what I would like to hear more about is help for 
mediocre programmers.

I am a sysadmin, which often means mediocre programmer, at least it 
does in this case.  Programming is not priority one with me, but I 
would like to improve my programming skills.  What resources can I look 
into to improve my programming skills?  I am talking general stuff, 
like design patterns, MVC, etc.  I already got the language specific 
stuff down pat.  Any books, articles, online journals, etc i should 

Maybe someone would like to present at a future meeting or at least a 
short article about the most annoying traits of mediocre programmers, 
how it should be done, and where to find more information.

Mediocre Programmer
Killer SysAdmin

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